May 20

Furniture Design – Table Bases

We have completed 4 coffee/cocktail tables bases in wood or mdf with glass tops – these are modern, abstract shapes inspired by baroque architecture, geometry, DNA and organic forms. We are continuing with modern furniture design and excited about new ideas coming soon!

Stone Sculpture – Farfalle Sphere 1

New stone sculpture carved from a sphere of limestone.

Zbrush Fun

Zbrush is a complicated program but as a sculptor it has a lot of potential. Here are a few images of shapes i have been working with.

Glass Sculpture In Progress

I am working with West Supply in Chicago on some new glass sculptures.

Torus Donut Shape – 3624 Variations

The Torus or donut shape is a continuing source of inspiration. The parameters with these models are: the number of cuts, offset of pieces from center, tilt of the pieces, minor diameter and thickness.

Donut – Torus Sculpture 3 cuts

This torus or donut shape sculpture has been modeled and is being 3d printed in plastic and stainless steel as a study. Three equally opposing helical cuts at 120 degrees. Also shown are studies at 30 degree incremental twists along the z axis.

3d Print Direct to Bronze or Glass

Now we are 3d printing direct to PMMA plastic in lieu of making a mold and wax for bronze, steel, or glass casting. PMMA plastic is provided by ‘VoxelJet’  

Donut – Torus Sculpture 2 Cuts

Here is a 3d steel print of the donut with 2 cuts. One is stainless steel the other is a ‘gold’ steel. The texture from the 3d printing process looks similar to ‘Damascus steel.’