Paintings in progress 1


Angel Anvil in progress

Anvil angel, small to be cast in bronze as shown in clay and larger in granite, carving black granite anvil in progress by my friend Eric Lindsey

Chicago Water Tower Scuptures

Chicago water towers have been a longstanding historical feature of our cities’ skyline.

Studio and New Gallery

We have created an art gallery here at ‘Stone City’ in Chicago, located at 3053 West Grand Avenue in Humboldt Park.

Cleveland and Chicago Sculptures for Architects and Developers

I have been collaborating with the architectural firm of Dimit Architects in Cleveland on some larger corporate and civic sized sculptures.

Metal Helix 1 lights and columns

Helix geometry, metal sculptures, lights and columns, plasma cut studies for use as architectural elements.

Time Lapse Photography – For Beginners

We see these everyday online and on TV, but how are they made?  I am trying to learn. 

3d Printing for Beginners

Recently I have been learning a bit about 3d printing.

Bronze Farfalle Almost Done

A mold was made from an original stone carving. A wax positive was then produced using the lost wax process. The inspiration is the ‘farfalle’  pasta shape.