Bronze in Progress
Here are a few images of bronze sculpture castings in progress. These are from 3d prints. Thank you to : https://www.form.xyz
Steel Table In Progress
My idea is to weld and cut schedule 40 steel ‘T’ shapes and pipes into a dynamic furniture design. First we cut them, weld and layout along spiraling lines. The white area is to remain. The black areas are to be  cut abd removed. This is a sculptural experiment!
May 20
Furniture Design – Table Bases
We have completed 4 coffee/cocktail tables bases in wood or mdf with glass tops – these are modern, abstract shapes inspired by baroque architecture, geometry, DNA and organic forms. We are continuing with modern furniture design and excited about new ideas coming soon!
Aug 15
Stone Sculpture – Farfalle Sphere 1
New stone sculpture carved from a sphere of limestone. Here are some photos of the sculpture in progress indicating stone chisel and grinder marks.
Aug 02
Zbrush Fun
Zbrush is a complicated program but as a sculptor it has a lot of potential. Here are a few images of shapes i have been working with.
Dec 30
Glass Sculpture In Progress
I am working with West Supply in Chicago on some new glass sculptures.
Torus Donut Shape – 3624 Variations
The Torus or donut shape is a continuing source of inspiration. The parameters with these models are: the number of cuts, offset of pieces from center, tilt of the pieces, minor diameter and thickness.
Donut – Torus Sculpture 3 cuts
This torus or donut shape sculpture has been modeled and is being 3d printed in plastic and stainless steel as a study. Three equally opposing helical cuts at 120 degrees. Also shown are studies at 30 degree incremental twists along the z axis.
Aug 19
3d Print Direct to Bronze or Glass
Now we are 3d printing direct to PMMA plastic in lieu of making a mold and wax for bronze, steel, or glass casting. PMMA plastic is provided by ‘VoxelJet’  
Jul 21
Donut – Torus Sculpture 2 Cuts
Here is a 3d steel print of the donut with 2 cuts. One is stainless steel the other is a ‘gold’ steel. The texture from the 3d printing process looks similar to ‘Damascus steel.’
Stone Sculpture in Progress ‘Farfalle 2’
Here is a stone sculpture in progress.
Jun 04
Saatchi Art – Front Page! ‘New Collections’
My sculpture ‘Abstract Cylinder #1’ is front and center on the home page of ‘’! This is a new collection called ‘All Things Abstract’ curated by Katherine Henning of Saatchi. It appears to be the only sculpture and is the main, thumbnail image!
May 12
Angel Anvil in progress
Anvil angel, small to be cast in bronze as shown in clay and larger in granite, carving black granite anvil in progress by my friend Eric Lindsey
Apr 28
Chicago Water Tower Scuptures
Chicago water towers have been a longstanding historical feature of our cities’ skyline.
Mar 13
Studio and New Gallery
We have created an art gallery here at ‘Stone City’ in Chicago, located at 3053 West Grand Avenue in Humboldt Park.
Cleveland and Chicago Sculptures for Architects and Developers
I have been collaborating with the architectural firm of Dimit Architects in Cleveland on some larger corporate and civic sized sculptures.
Dec 06
Metal Helix 1 lights and columns
Helix geometry, metal sculptures, lights and columns, plasma cut studies for use as architectural elements.
Nov 14
Time Lapse Photography – For Beginners
We see these everyday online and on TV, but how are they made?  I am trying to learn. 
Nov 07
3d Printing for Beginners
Recently I have been learning a bit about 3d printing.
Oct 28
Bronze Farfalle Almost Done
A mold was made from an original stone carving. A wax positive was then produced using the lost wax process. The inspiration is the ‘farfalle’  pasta shape.
Oct 21
Birth of a Double Donut Sculpture
Continuing with the donut/torus theme, a double donut element with a 90 degree twist has been given birth by this animation from Dremana Productions. Check back for the chilling conclusion!
Jun 24
Bronze Sculpture – Double Bronze Twisty (Opposing Helices)
Bronze sculpture recently completed here in Chicago at the Chicago Crucible foundry. The piece is based on an earlier stone carving.
Nov 14
Steel Sculpture – Double Donut Fabrication
These are a series of donut studies.  Industrial pipe elbows are welded into donut shapes. Helical lines of varying ‘rises’ are laid out and cut offset from each around the donuts. This video shows some of that process.
Oct 28
Art by the Hour, Pound or Square Foot
In November of 2013 I was commissioned to do a large 7′ x 9′ painting to occupy a particular wall in a large condo downtown.
Aug 31
Bronze Angel Sculpture Installation – Tucson Medical Center Peppi’s Hospice
Our family installed a sculpture to commemorate my beloved mother, who passed at the age of 93 at the Tucson’s Medical Center’s hospice facility in May 2014;  It was a life changing experience. The hospice facility ‘Peppi’s House‘ was amazing. The compassion and love the staff have is remarkable. The artwork there really helped our family during a difficult time. I can only hope this optimistic angel figure might help another. The bronze angel was cast at the InBronze foundry located in Mt. Morris, IL. 
Jul 02
Chicago Sculpture Public Art Installation Embassy Suites Hotel
In 2003 the architectural firm of Destefano and Partners contacted Karl Geckler LLC to create a marble sculpture for the lobby reception desk at the recently opened Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Chicago.
Jun 03
Chicago Marble Carving Studio – Chicago Tribune
Block Party Marble Sculptors Of All Abilities Chip In At West Side Studio September 02, 1993|By Jon Anderson, Tribune Staff Writer. This is how it works: An old furniture emporium folds. The building sits empty for a while. Artists start looking over the place. Light bulbs go off above several heads. Presto: The space is converted to a studio.