Oct 28

Bronze Farfalle Almost Done

Bronze Farfalle 2Bronze Farfalle 1A mold was made from an original stone carving. A wax positive was then produced using the lost wax process. The inspiration is the ‘farfalle’ tricolore_e pasta shape.
farfalle done 1farfalle done 2farfalle done 3farfalle done 4Farfalle Part 7_FORWEB_296870610_oFarfallePart 3_FORWEBFarfalle Part 5_FORWEBFarfalle Part 6_FORWEBFarfalle Part 1_FORWEBFarfalle Part 2_FORWEBpurple farfalle IMG_5745 FORWEBFarfalle Mold in Progress 3 FORWEBFarfalle Mold in Progress 2 FORWEB

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