Jun 24

Bronze Sculpture – Double Bronze Twisty (Opposing Helices)

Bronze sculpture recently completed here in Chicago at the Chicago Crucible foundry. The piece is based on an earlier stone carving. A mold was made from the stone and two bronzes were cast. The bronzes were mirrored vertically and rotated 180 degrees for the final shape. That is a simple description of the basic idea, but much work was required aligning and orientating the pieces. I worked closely with Lloyd Mandelbaum of Chicago Crucible during this process.Bronze Mold In Progress 1 FORWEBBronze Mold In Progress 2 FORWEB
Stone Discus 2 FORWEB Bronze Double Discus In Progress 3 FORWEB Bronze Double Discus In Progress 1 FORWEB@ Bronze Opposing Helices are rotated and mirrored with a brushed finish

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