Bronze in Progress

Here are a few images of bronze sculpture castings in progress. These are from 3d prints. Thank you to : https://www.form.xyz

Steel Table In Progress

My idea is to weld and cut schedule 40 steel ‘T’ shapes and pipes into a dynamic furniture design. First we cut them, weld and layout along spiraling lines. The white area is to remain. The black areas are to be  cut abd removed. This is a sculptural experiment!

Torus Donut Shape – 3624 Variations

The Torus or donut shape is a continuing source of inspiration. The parameters with these models are: the number of cuts, offset of pieces from center, tilt of the pieces, minor diameter and thickness.

Donut – Torus Sculpture 3 cuts

This torus or donut shape sculpture has been modeled and is being 3d printed in plastic and stainless steel as a study. Three equally opposing helical cuts at 120 degrees. Also shown are studies at 30 degree incremental twists along the z axis.

Paintings in progress 1


Cleveland and Chicago Sculptures for Architects and Developers

I have been collaborating with the architectural firm of Dimit Architects in Cleveland on some larger corporate and civic sized sculptures.