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Chicago Sculpture Public Art Installation Embassy Suites Hotel

APPROVED SKETCH 1Egg Columns Four FORWEBStone Egg Columns for webEmbassy Suites Hotel Lobby SculptureIn 2003 the architectural firm of Destefano and Partners contacted Karl Geckler LLC to create a marble sculpture for the lobby reception desk at the recently opened Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Chicago. Four illuminated niches behind the desk were the area of study.  I worked closely with Greg Randall of Destefano, submitting sketches for owner and architect review. A series of square, spiraling, tapering columns with partially embedded egg shapes at varying heights help give a sense of movement or progression.  The blocks were cut from a huge slab of Giallo Sienna marble 4″ thick and required one month of carving with help from Andre of DremanaProductions. I would have preferred the pieces be thinner at points making for a more dramatic effect, but a deadline loomed and honestly, I was afraid of breaking the pieces! I had broken an earlier study and any repaired pieces would have been apparent.

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