Cleveland and Chicago Sculptures for Architects and Developers

donut-3-cuts052716 Femur Test 3 adj 1011216 Test 2A14-103_existing_images_1.psd052016 Egg Column Test 3 BIG052216 Running Dog 1013016 View 1 cin4d donuts022016 Snake Cut Col test 6013116 View 1 cin4d donut dots 1 copy012716 SS Mobeus on Gold 2

032816 Discus Test 1
012716 SS Egg Mobeus on Yellow Marble052016 Egg Column Test 3 BIG042216 Donut Horn Longer Test 1012016 New Idea 1A Hidden Catwalk 1042316 Donut Horn Longer Side 1012816 Donut Needle 1042816 Donut Horn square 1020516 Angel Test 4041616 Woman in Stone 2032616 Cylinder No. 1 - 2020516 Logo Sculpture Big 1 edit012716 Unrealistic Abstract Figure 1

012316 Copper -Wall 2
011516 Spandrel 2 Lace-012108 Lotus Yoga 1 smaller032516 Farfalle 1 020316 Mesh Egg 45 w Stone Yolk 1012816 Fortune Cookie 1GREC Logo 1Double Donut with Steel Platex wider view 1Simple Metal X3d xx in studio 1X in progress 2 smallerX on site 1032216 Akron In Progress 1Akron Plan in Progress copyI have been collaborating with the architectural firm of Dimit Architects in Cleveland on some larger corporate and civic sized sculptures.x goldThey were kind enough to promote my work with their residential clients as well. The Chicago firm GREC Architects and I collaborated on the ‘X’ sculpture shown here for the Xavier Tower on Division Street in downtown Chicago.

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