Dec 06

Metal Helix 1 lights and columns

Torchiere Study $1 page FORWEBrough cut snake 1ADJ1FORWEB
3(1)INDUSRIAL1ruff 1 FORWEBss 2FORWEBcol1 rough 1FORWEBFORWEB_183709
SS Potential 1ADJ1FORWEB
ghost best 1-1FORWEB20151201_111319ADJ1FORWEBMetal Cut Pedestals 1FORWEB2 togetherFORWEBSS Helix Light #1 FORWEBhornlight 1 rotatedFORWEBHelix geometry, metal sculptures, lights and Torchiere Study #2 ADJ FORWEBcolumns, plasma cut studies for use as architectural ok

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